Hamilton & District Labour Council


I’ve known Nancy for many years. Her dedication to improving the lives and livelyhoods of her colleagues is relentless. During previous campaigns, including being a federal candidate for ADFW, Nancy has proven she can handle hard-hitting questions from the public and opposition. She is smart, resourceful, dedicated to social justice and is a vote getter.
Herb Shields, past president, ADFW NDP Riding Association

I have known Nancy for many years.  She has consistently worked to build a fairer workplace at McMaster and a more just society.  She is appreciated by many for her strong social principles and integrity. Nancy is also thoughtful, well-liked and energetic.  She has natural leadership skills and is widely known for her ability to work cooperatively with others to help achieve progressive social change.  Nancy will be an excellent candidate.
Don Wells, Professor, Labour Studies and Political Science, McMaster University* 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Nancy for the past six years. Nancy and I were colleagues while studying at McMaster University in the Labour Studies graduate program. Nancy is a dedicated advocate in the labour community who passionately advocates on behalf of those in her bargaining unit. I am confident that level of representation would continue to her constituents should she be elected to represent her riding. Nancy understands the economic realities and the important place business plays in our communities, while at the same time being sensitive to social programs and social justice issues. Nancy is a well-rounded candidate who will intelligently promote the values of the New Democratic Party. It is without reservation that I endorse Nancy MacBain.
– Wade R. Poziomka, Juris Doctor, LL.M. Human Rights Lawyer in Hamilton, ON

As a senior citizen I strongly endorse Nancy MacBain, knowing that not only is she concerned about my needs as a senior citizen but those of my children and grandchildren. She wants a safe environment now and in the future for all of us, a healthcare that considers prevention as well as illness, a fulfillment of all the educational needs of all of us at all ages and much more.  She looks at things holistically.
Lorna Johnston, Ancaster Resident

*Please note that titles are for identification purposes only



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